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This was a fun day, full of helpful tips and tricks, that I will be putting to good use. Billy and Donna were very helpful organising it. As a beginner I would recommend Billy's course, he broke it down and explained things very well.

Eli Appleby-Donald

I'm just back from a great day in Glen Coe with Billy teaching me all about landscape photography. I couldn't believe how quickly I managed to pick up using the camera in manual with Billy's help. He has such a great way of communicating things, makes everything really simple and easy to understand. Will definitely be booking more courses with him, Eli

Emily Noakes

I have just finished a 3 day workshop with Billy, we had a day in Glencoe, a day doing Long Exposure visiting various locations and a day in the classroom. I had never been successful with Long exposure, but after Billy explained it feel so much happier. It really was like a one to one workshop. Thios was my second and I have already booked the 3 day Post processing next year. Thank you Billy and Donna for your hospitality.

Gemma Gallacher

Hi Billy and Donna, I was on here having a nose for guidance sakes while editing a black and white - still absorbing everything I learned. Any way just saw that you have testimonial on your site and while it's doesn't look like you need any more, I just thought I'd add my tuppence worth! I absolutely loved the course for various reasons, for start I was in Torridon a place I love and in good company. Mostly importantly though, you certainly get your monies worth, I learned a lot even though I've been practising photography for a couple of years - always something new to learn. My top 3 learning epiphanies on this course were hyperfocal, bracket and lightroom tools. A few months on and still referring back to my notes. Thanks Billy and Donna!

Dean Corbett

I recently attended the Landscape and Long Exposure course in Northumbria. It was very interesting and very enjoyable indeed. Great locations. Billy is very patient and understanding and can cope with all photographic abilities from beginner to advanced in photography, Lightroom and Photoshop. I enjoyed all aspects but for me the very best bit was when Billy demonstrated the magic of taking a photograph and transforming it in to a unique piece of art in Lightroom. This is inspiring to watch. Thanks very much Billy and Donna.

Alistair Gray

My first photographic course and the 3.5 day course was just about the right length. I achieved my technical objective to improve my use of my Nikon Camera (D80) and was introduced to Lightroom for the first time. Billy's attention to detail and process based approach is excellent and he was most sympathetic wrt my early stage photography talent. Excellent location with a wide variety of outstanding subjects. The cottages were well equipped throughout. Very happy with support Billy gave me throughout the course. Thanks for that. And Sheila impressed with my end product even though the taught approach was different to her initial 2 courses elsewhere. Delighted we can use both in the future. Excited with the prospect of using Lightroom.
Thanks for an excellent course. Alistair

Heather Kerr

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for a great course especially day 2 post processing. I am more confident I will take the best picture possible in camera and then be able to make an image into something special. Very inspiring. Thanks too to Donna for her hospitality and the welcome from the rest of the family!!

Les Fraser
Really enjoyed the Glencoe weekend with Billy. Freindy and professional tuition, combined with his skill on Lightroom made it a course to remember.

Iain Maclean

Unquestionable expertise. Excellent tuition provided in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner. Billy and Donna make a terrific team, and the course delivers in spades. Not only that but I got to visit parts of Scotland that to my shame I had never been to before, and with great people on the journey with me, it was just a brilliant experience.

Adam Barr

This course was exactly what I needed. I have now have a passion and enthusiasm for my photography like never before.
Billy covered all the technical aspects of photography in such a practical and easy to understand way.
I feel confident I can now take photographs that will give me great pleasure for years to come.

Jayne Ferguson
Thank you so much, Billy and Donna. The course exceeded all my expectations and Billy's passion for photography combined with his knowledge of Lightroom and IT and his love of Scotland and the outdoors made for a brilliant 3 days. I would thoroughly recommend Billy's workshops for any level of photographer. I am now feeling inspired and can't wait to get out again with my camera and process and share my photos.

Phil Lyons

What a cracking few days. Firstly it was great to be in Skye no matter what the weather it always looks stunning. The course was fabulous Billy, quite simply, knows his onions and is on hand to answer any questions and give advice should you require it. He is also happy to let you get on with it if you are feeling confident which is as important in my view. The weather can be challenging but it’s not all sunrises and sunsets and this course has made me realise what you can do with a flat canvas as Billy calls it and has opened up for me a whole new range of possibilities in my pursuit of wonderfully diverse images. So would I recommend it? Absolutely it’s a fun relaxed few days with a wealth of knowledge and experience right there beside you, a great course for all abilities. Would I book again? Without hesitation; I’m hoping to return next year on another course in another part of this beautiful country. Happy Days!

Mark Denham-Smith

Excellent course - the small group means it is extremely well tailored both to the skills of the students as well as the changing weather conditions. Billy is very knowledgeable on his subject and is an inspirational tutor. Will be returning.

David Loebell

Thank you Billy for a inspiring course. Your knowledge of the venues meant that we got the most of of each day. Your help implementing new skills when out was invaluable and the Lightroom tuition and demonstrations will keep me busy for months - my photography has improved so much from 4 full days.

Ade Gidney

Just completed a 4 day course with Billy In Assynt & Torridon, Billys tuition was excellent covering the way he works in lightroom to produce his stunning images, weather was superb with moody light every time we went out. His way of working in Lightroom is easy enough for anyone to follow. I would definitely recommend his courses for any landscape photographer.

Jason Hudson

Together with two friends we attended a three day course based at Ullapool. The whole course was a fantastic experience. Billy has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop. He knows the area really well and took into the right places at the right times to capture some fantastic images. There was no dramas and I would thoroughly recommend Billy and one of his courses to photographers of any level or ability.

Colum Rafferty

I attended the recent course with Billy at Glencoe Scotland. It was extremely well organised. Billy's knowledge of the area and his experience in taking us to the best shoot locations was impressive. Lightroom tuition was easy to understand and his tips were valuable. I have no hesitation in recommending his landscape photography courses and it is my plan to attend another course in early 2018.

Bob Mclachlan

just processed a dozen images from course of last 3 days.Have viewed an astounding leap in quality,depth and sharpness in my images. Have many words to describe Billy, but will use only two.

Jane Melrose

I recently attended my second course with Billy in Northumberland (I went to Skye 2 years ago). It's great that there are only 3 people on the course as it gives Billy time to devote to each student since we are all a different levels. We spent a good amount of time out making pictures as well as getting in some good post processing using Lightroom. Accommodation was excellent, we each had our own room in a quaint house.

Emily Noakes

Had great course at the weekend to Glencoe and in the classroom with 2 friends, Billy was very helpful in all aspects of photography and in processing afterwards, I had never used Lightfoot before, but will be persevering at home. Donna also made us very welcome in their home and provided a lovely lunch. We look forward to our next course, hopefully to Skye.

Paul Stansfield

This course exceeded my expectations, over the two days Billy gave me the tools and insights to raise my photography skills to the next level.

Stewart Hamilton

My wife Julie and I, together with a friend - Heather Low - from Sydney Aus., completed a 3 day workshop with Billy on the Isle of Skye Sept 17-20, 2016. It was a great 3 days. I know that I speak for all 3 of us when I say that the time spent with Billy moved our understanding of both the camera and the processing to a new and higher level. No time was wasted as we started with the introduction on the first evening together. The next 2 days were full - about 14 hours each as we moved around for different landscapes and spent time on post processing with Lightroom. We had a mix of weather - what else would one expect in late September on Skye? It only added to the experience and expanded our horizons in terms of black and white photography. As you would expect, Billy knew exactly what location to go to, and within that location, where exactly to obtain the best images. While there were on occasion many other photographers in the area, they were never a problem in terms of the instruction or the image making. The morning shoot of the Quairaing and the evening shoot at Neist Point will be remembered for a very long time. In summary, my wife Julie and I would go back to do another workshop with Billy anytime; we highly recommend taking one of Billy's workshops. You cannot help but improve your image making.

Janey Cringean

Billy's 1-day course was fabulous. I finally feel I'm getting a grip on using my camera and was delighted to learn so many useful things about post-processing in Lightroom. I've already been able to see improvements in my post-processing in a couple of days since the course. I'm sure with practice it will only get better.

Heather Low

I really enjoyed the course & learned lots. Billy simplified everything & completely demystified Lightroom. Understanding what is happening with the camera makes shooting logical & I certainly feel much more in control of what I'm hoping to create. This has been the best photography course I have done. Thank you very much Billy.

John Stringer

A valuable introduction to the image capture and post production techniques of long exposure photographs. Most enjoyable - thank you!


Thanks Billy for a fantastic 2 day course about long exposure photography. The course really helped me with a lot of things including hyperfocal distance and processing techniques. The schedule was well organised and thought out. It has certainly reinvigorated my passion in photography. Now I just need to get out there and shoot...

Mike Percy

Morning Billy, thanks for a a great few days in Northumberland.
We often see & hear so much hype & mystique about creating the perfect image that the basics can get lost. A very clear & uncomplicated approach to photography & image processing, which blends the key technical elements with the tools (camera & lightroom) to allow the individual to develop their own style to produce better images. Combining the technical aspects to the greater creativity now available from computer processing expands your horizons. I feel my photography is really only limited by my own imagination & creativity. Thanks

Jo Kenyon

Just got back from Northumberland, which is my 3rd course with Billy and as usual it was brilliant. You stay in a farm cottage close to all the great locations. Billy adapts each day based on what we decide we're up for. I had a light bulb moment on this course when Billy showed us some of his recent photos and what he's done with them in Lightroom; they're amazing. You think you can't get shots like that but if you listen to Billy and you practice your Lightroom skills you can. The days are packed with going to locations to shoot and processing some of your better shots; tiring but well worth it. I will definitely be booking on another course; I just get so much out of them.

kevin thorne

Glencoe Landscape Course Billy was excellent with his photographic skills and techniques, and offered a very warm welcome. will definitely be re-booking on other courses in the near future.

Elaine Cannon

I had a great time. It was very informative and has encouraged me as a beginner to buy a digital second hand camera! I'm looking forward to joining Billy again on a longer course next time.

Adrian Taylor

I really enjoyed the Glencoe course with Billy, and even though he went through all the basics that are essential for photography it felt more like a day out with friends rather then a course. Billy has an easy going manner and gives you as much or as little help as you want or need. This was my second course with Billy and my third is already booked. Thanks Billy, see you in October.

David Lawson

Just like to thank Billy for a wonderful course in Sutherland/Wester Ross. The tuition on Lightroom is brilliant and the support from Billy is exceptional. The locations are superb and Billy makes sure they are appropriate for the conditions. He has a unique way of demystifying the technicalities of photography which is refreshing and informative. Thoroughly recommended.

Roger Fountain

Firstly and most importantly you can relax in the knowledge that there is a wide range of B&B in the area only a short distance from Billy,s home. There were three photographers on the course which gave Billy the chance to share his knowledge and time feely between us. Our first day was purely devoted to exploiting the world of long exposures both coastal and land based. On the second day Billy provided us with a brilliant insight into how he creates his stunning images, all in Lightroom in his homely studio, suitably furnished with the latest technology. Billy provided us with the knowledge on how he prepares his stunning monochrome images and encouraged us to practice those skills. Billy's professional approach is clearly evident, he is a master of his art and was more than happy to share his experiences with all. He has a lively delivery and a most dedicated approach to his work. His wife Donna provided us all with a beautifully prepared lunch, delicious cream cakes and a range of coffees to suit all tastes. Thank you to you both for a wonderful experience. I hope I can emulate what I learnt on your course. Needless to say I would throughly recommend this Long Exposure course.

Francis Brand

One of the best photographic workshops I have attended, it gave me a complete experience of black and white photography and how you can take what it appears to be a fairly good photography and process it it to amazingly great picture, I hope to have the opportunity of attending another workshop and furthering my photographic skills

Paul Ewing

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend in Skye. I found the post processing input extremely helpful, thanks again.

Ellie Chinnery

I enjoyed the course very much and learned a great deal. The pace was just right and my photography skills have definitely reached a new level. Thanks Billy!

Matthew Ross

I enjoyed this course very much. The location was inspiring and Billy's emphasis on post-processing skills was very timely in terms of my growth as a photographer. Top marks.

Paul Thomson

A very enjoyable and instructive day spent in Glencoe with Billy. The structure of the day was first class, an introduction covering the basics, camera set-up and the exposure triangle, followed by plenty of opportunity to take photos of stunning scenary under Billy's watchful eye. The discussion between locatinos about the importance of processing was enlightening. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their landscape photography skills.

John Heggie

One day course was spot on. The first half hour made me realise why my shots were frustratingly poor, I was looking through the wrong end of the lens. I'd read a lot but missed the basics. The field work part is short, easy to understand and to the point, it has already changed my habits, I take 3 shots now instead of 30 which gave me the same results. I learned a huge amount in the "darkroom" and got my eyes well and truly opened in a short space of time to image processing. If like me you've bought the kit but are frustrated......go and see Billy.

Steve Quinn

Excellent course taught very well and in laymens terms meaning everyone can understand them. Billy is easy to listen to and puts you on the right path. Ill definitely be on a future course. Highly recommended.

Peter Leadley

Attended Billy's three day course at Glencoe in early March. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. Billy is a great teacher and I will put in to practice the tips and advice he gave me and expect to take my photography up to the next level. Apart from the great locations we
visited the post processing tuition using Lightroom was particularly informative. I would recommend anyone to book a course with Billy.

Kirsteen MacLeod

This was a very enjoyable and informative weekend. I now have a far greater awareness of the functionality of my camera and how to use this to best effect. I'm also now looking forward to putting Lightroom into practice. Finally it was lovely to be driven allowing me to appreciate the spectacular scenery between locations.

Charlie Gibson

Billy’s knowledge and enthusiasm for photography and structured teaching of Lightroom made for a very enjoyable and productive weekend in Glencoe and surrounding area. He is genuinely keen to pass on his considerable knowledge and I would highly recommend his courses to anyone who is keen to progress their photography.

Alan Rollo

A very enjoyable and instructive course - fabulous locations and first class tuition throughout. Learnt loads! Thoroughly recommended.

Tom Clark

Thanks very much for last week's Glencoe Workshop, great locations and I really appreciated the time Billy took to ensure that each of our cameras were set up correctly and helped to improve the image capture. The second day was also very informative in understanding Billy's workflow and how he used Lightroom to process his amazing images. Previously I had only used Photoshop so this was a great introduction. I had a great two days and would recommend it highly for anyone looking to further their photography.

Brian Jones

Just back from Billy's course in Skye. My photography had been 'stuck in a rut' and needed some motivation and as ever Billy provided that with his usual enthusiasm and professionalism. Really enjoyed the company of the the other course participants. If you are reading this and are looking for ideas and want to take the next step in improving your photography then Billy is the man to help you achieve that. I will be attending another course so thanks again Billy.

Richard Garlick

Another enjoyable course with Billy on Skye. As with the Glencoe trip all the time was well spent whatever the weather and I have come away with lots of inspiration and a clear idea of what I have to do to get the photographs I want to produce. It is a testament to the high esteem in which these courses are held that nearly all of the year's courses are booked before the end of the first month of the year.

Barry Q

Billy, thanks again for a brilliant course in Skye, as ever i came away with some great images and a lot more knowledge.
Regards. BQ

Rob Hume

I have just returned from my third workshop with Billy and as before Billy provided excellent help and guidance while out taking photographs and during post processing with Lightroom. We were taken to great locations and shown how to get the best out of them whatever the weather. Billy is great company and I would not hesitate to recommend one of his workshops.

Alistair Macmillan

I attended the Northumberland course and really enjoyed it. Billy was very informative and helpful and I learned a great deal both about taking photographs and also how to perform many post-processing techniques which I will find very useful in advancing my photography and my computer skills if I can remember them all that is!! I found his enthusiasm for the subject infectious and his willingness to share his knowledge refreshing. Here's to next course.

Tina Marr

Billy's courses had been recommended to me by a friend who had been to Glencoe and Northumberland with him and the two days spent at the Forth Bridges and learning about Lightroom certainly didn't disappoint. His knowledge and enthusiasm were evident, as was his friendly approach to teaching. He is able to pass on information with a clarity not always found in other experts in their field. I think I am also a convert to Lightroom!

Stuart McGeown

Hi Billy and Donna. Thats again for organising and taking me on the Glencoe course. I learned a great deal from both being out in the field and in the lab that will hopefully inspire me to improve. An excellent course and would recommend to anyone. And would like to go on a future course.

James Cameron

Hello Billy, I wanted to drop you a quick note for two reasons, firstly thank you and secondly that will help other people who are considering booking a course with you. So the short answer is yes you should book with Billy. What I found extremely valuable during the 3 day course up in Glencoe was the process followed in order to use Lightroom to create your "Art". For anyone who doesn't know Billy he takes you to great locations, captures the pictures and then converts them to "art". Thank you Billy and Donna and I hope to see you in 2016. James

Richard Garlick

Practical, down-to-earth, comprehensive (written notes included) - Billy shares his knowledge and expertise generously and enthusiastically. All the time available is used effectively to make the most of the course whether learning post-processing skills or being out taking photographs - day or night. A pleasant jocular atmosphere pervades proceedings and all-too-soon you are home looking to see how you can fit in another course. I can't help thinking that I wish I had been to a Billy Currie course years ago but not being able to turn the clock back, I'm very glad I've done one now.

Paul Ewing

Thanks again Billy, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend at Glencoe. The post processing day was really informative and the skills learned were extremely helpful. Cheers again

Iain Forbes

A passionate, lucid and amusing advocate of improving your images through good post-processing skills, Billy has a relaxed teaching style which was spot-on, indoors and out. His four-day course around Assynt included numerous excellent pre-planned sites for practicing our landscape and long exposure skills, but the highlight for me was Billy's tutoring on how to make the most of the resulting images, using the Lightroom/Photoshop combination. I feel I have been well educated and now able to begin significantly improving my output. I’d strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to step beyond good scenic images towards the art of photography.

Lesley Moran

Many thanks again Billy for a great course, great locations and for sorting the weather which was very clever of you. I will be coming to another of your courses next year if that's okay.

Jane Melrose

Had a wonderful trip to Skye with Billy. The course had a good mixture of photography and post processing instruction and the setting could not have been better. I hope to return for another course with Billy in the future.

Andrew Chadwick

Billy was full of both energy and knowledge and this course has definitely improved my photography. At last someone patient enough to really explain why I should take photos on manual mode - at least when I have a fixed subject, anyway. Venues were well chosen, and it was great to have access to a dedicated high-spec portable for post-processing. I have already upgraded to Lightroom 6. Finally thanks Billy for all the driving and for sharing so many of your interesting experiences. The stars over Dunstanburgh Castle came out just great

Mary Robertson

I'd been keen to do the Northumberland course since spending two enjoyable and useful days with Billy in Glencoe last year - and this second course didn't disappoint. Billy, as ever, was full of enthusiasm for getting top quality images no matter the weather and he was an expert in taking us to great locations with good foregrounds and viewpoints at the right time of day. We did cover some of the same ground as last time, but I learnt lots of new things and with Billy's guidance and patience, I got to know my new camera very much better in a short space of time. Not only is Billy incredibly knowledgeable about photography and post processing, he is also a good teacher and it's quite rare to find all of those skills in one person. I'm not sure I'm fit enough to tackle the Old Man of Storr but I've no doubt I'll be back on another course soon. Thanks again Billy for all your help, guidance and above all patience.

Josephine Rodgers

I had a great time on the one day course I attended in June. It was really informative and inspiring. Also, the enthusiasm with which the course was presented rubbed off. I would love to attend a residential course and will look to do so in the next year along with a friend who was inspired by my relating my experience to her. Thank you, Josephine

Susan Cook

Thank you so much for improving my photography skills so quickly and helping me finally use my camera on manual. Really enjoyed learning how to use ND filters and how to use shutter speed to still waterfalls. The post processing course was superb - although a lot to take in - in one go. I need to go home and pratise lots now. I would highly recommend this course and great as only 3 people on it so lots of personal tuition. Billy is highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his subject.

Suzanne Motherwell

What a fantastic course, I learned more in two days than I have from magazines and books over the past year. Glencoe is such a beautiful location - even in the pouring rain. Billy's enthusiasm and knowledge translates to his teaching and he explains everything in a straightforward manner. I would recommend this for anyone who really wants to get the best out of their DSLR, in the field and post-processing. I will definitely sign up for another course in the future. Thanks Billy for a great two days in Glencoe! Suzanne :-)

Kelly Ann Thomson

What a fantastic course! I recently took part in Billy's Landscape Photography Course in Glencoe. I am just a beginner and I had no idea where to start with my camera. With Billy's knowledge and experience, he taught us all we needed to know. As per all his courses it was limited to three people. This was great as it was more personal and Billy was free to speak one to one and respond to individual needs. The passion and knowledge that Billy has about photography is incredible and with the basics in place my camera is so much easier to understand. I would recommend any of Billy's courses to any photographer no matter what experience you have. Thank you for all your help and guidance and I hope to be back soon for a post posting course!

Alan pollock

This was the second of Billy Currie's trips I have attended and it was even better than the first. This, I am sure is because of his tuition. As usual there was only 3 students/photographers on the course affording plenty of individual instruction. Using all of his experience, which is considerable, Billy guided the group into making the best decisions for taking top photographs, taking into consideration location, weather and fitness level of the group. Within that there was still plenty of scope for individual preference. Billy's skill set is comprehensive and he is equally comfortable advising a beginner on the technical side of their camera or teaching photoshop and Lightroom to a very high standard.On this particular trip we managed to see and photograph 5 of the classic sights on Skye, which was incredible. The Old Man of Storr, Neist Point Lighthouse, The Trotternish Ridge, The Fairy Pools at Glen Brittle and Elgol's Boulder Beach at Loch Scavaig all featured in our trip. Wow! Despite a dodgey weather forecast earlier in the week the weather was exceptional, which of course made the trip. The company wasn't bad either and after the usual polite conversation it was no time before we were all blethering about such diverse subjects as the carcinogenic effects of tinned dog food to Donna's Dough (Pizza) which I was promised a copy of Billy!! All in all I had a fantastic time but not a lot of sleep! As everyone knows, good landscape photography needs the best light which usually appears as the sun rises and sets - a small price to pay for quality.

Adrian Taylor

I've just enjoyed the long exposure course and have not only returned home with some good images, but had the chance to work on them in Lightroom under Billy's watchful eye. Billy undoubtedly knows his subject, and delivers it in such a way that's both easy to understand and remember. Though he does give you cards with the information on just in case you can't remember how to work out the hyper focal distances. A big thanks to both Billy and Donna for making the whole experience very enjoyable. A longer course further afield is very much on the cards.

Francesca Chianini

I have been thinking in depth how to phrase the acknowledgements for you Billy, for the recent fantastic experience I had in your photography course in the Isle of Skye, but I cannot find any other words other than VERY MANY THANKS! Thanks for being such a pleasant person and teacher. Thanks for making me feel at ease all the time. Thanks for your patience, for answering the same question without making me feel a tube ?. Thanks for all the funny and exiting stories you shared when you were driving us to wonderful places for perfect shoots. Thanks for your generosity giving away tips for setting the camera, composing and post-producing pictures, it was a total privilege to be in your course. The only regret I have is that I couldn’t get you to admit you are an Artist, I will try again in the next course I have already booked. Also a huge THANK YOU goes to Donna, who helped me enormously and made me feel so looked after during my trip up to Skye, I am not sure I would have made it without her. I am so looking forward the course in Glencoe!! THANKS!

Chris Hunter

A great trip! Stunning locations, large comfortable accommodation and good company. Billy is a first class teacher removing the 'mystique' from the art of photography and explaining in a practical and logical way how to get fantastic results from your camera. I'd thoroughly recommend a course with Billy to any photographer, no matter what standard they may be.

Mike Hawthorne

Hi Billy, Had a brilliant time on your 2 day course at Glencoe. Your knowledge and passion for photography is incredible and after a day learning about lightroom, my limited skills have definitely improved. Many thanks.

Graham Roberts

Enjoyed a superb landscape and long exposure course with Billy in Northumberland. Billy has a wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with a passion for the subject that is infectious. The dynamic and fluid style coupled with a small group means that no opportunity and time is wasted. Would love to do more in the future and would not hesitate to try other locations.

Gale Criswell

Billy, What a fantastic weekend! I learned a lot! I was so pleased that you really focused on instruction and that it was a small enough group that you could respond to individual needs. You were exceedingly kind and patient--Thank you for that! I still have so much to learn, but your intense and enjoyable course changed my "photography" life! I really hope I can join you again in Skye or Glencoe. You are the BEST!

Juliette Packham

Billy is full of knowledge and passionate about all aspects of photography and I loved the fact we spent nearly as much time working on editing techniques as the photography itself. The small group that Billy runs with allows for quality time to learn about specifics than I have experienced on other courses, and Billy is happy to share his experiences and techniques openly. Would highly recommend without question...I will be back for more before long!

Paul Rose

Having spent a single day with Billy on a landscape photography course I came away knowing more from that one day than the previous 7 years of trying to learn from books and magazines. Billy shared so much knowledge in a friendly and humorous way that I have already made personal recommendations to several friends and can't wait to attend one of his four-day, residential courses. Even if you think you know all there is to know about landscape photography I would still recommend one of Billy's courses - outstanding!

Stuart Bentley

Billy, I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom this weekend on the Landscape Photography course. It really helped to cement my basic knowledge and filled in many gaps. I now feel confident that my future images will be much better composed and have a greater change of achieving the postcard look I am seeking. Your enthusiasm and passion for the subject are both very infectious and I am sure all future students will benefit greatly from this. Once again, thanks for a great day Stuart

Grant Thomson

I attended the 1-day Landscape Course run by Billy and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was more than I expected and Billy is a very down to earth guy who's passion for photography comes over during all aspects of the course. I think it is probably the most worthwhile thing I have done to improve my photography. I picked up so many useful tips and advice and am now confident to use the manual setting on my camera whereas before I was afraid of it. You won't be disappointed if you book this course.

Philip Kerr

Hello Billy, thank you so much for putting on the course up in Assynt. It far exceeded my expectations. Your enthusiasm, knowledge, and understanding of the locations we traveled to was fantastic.The amount that I learned in such a short time was incredible, and I am now looking a photography with new eyes. I'll be back for more; that's for certain :)

Neil Goodwin

Another brilliant few days with Billy, this time in Skye. As always, Billy gave his time, advice and knowledge freely; and as always I came away more knowledgeable and a better photographer. What could be a better outcome. From the time I started on Billy's courses, I have always recommended him without reservation and I will continue to do so.

Barry Quatermass

The weather was against us from the start (Skye in January!! Who'd have thought!!) but it didn't dampen our enthusiasm nor did it prevent us getting some great landscape pictures and learning a heck of a lot from Billy. Thank you so much for a excellent workshop.

John Chapman

Last weekend's 2-day course was most enjoyable and informative. The first day, in the field, learning how long exposure could transform landscape photography took full advantage of the limited daylight hours available in mid-winter.Tthe locations, near the Forth bridges and a little further north in Fife, were well chosen and there was time to listen, learn and experiment. The second day, devoted to computer processing, was a real eye-opener to me as I had only a hazy idea of the power of Lightroom. I was impressed, and the following day bought a copy! Billy is passionate about his subject and provides clear and well thought through explanations. I don't think more could have been packed in. Thank you, Billy.

Giles mackey

Best 2 days of photography training I've ever done. Wish I'd done it 10 years ago! Thanks billy.

Barry Quatermass

Billy, thanks so much for last weeks course at Glencoe. I really enjoyed it and learned so much. The locations you found were awesome and i am delighted with the images i captured by following your advice. - Thanks again, Barry.

Euan Ross

This was the 2nd course of Billy's I have participated in this year. The weather was a bit mixed but Billy ensured that we were in the best locations for the weather conditions and we all got some great photographs. One of Billy's unique selling points is his knowledge of Photoshop which enables us to continue learning even if the weather is poor. I really felt that my PS skills improved as a result of what I was able to learn on the course. Billy is a great teacher and makes everyone feel relaxed regardless of your skill level.

Mary Robertson

Spending a couple of days with someone as enthusiastic as Billy was a pleasure and I learnt a huge amount from him in a very short time. He explained how to use the histogram and hyperfocal distancing very simply and clearly and I'm sure my photography will improve as a result of his tuition on how to get things right in camera. He has absolutely converted me to Lightroom. The two days were enjoyable, useful and very good value.

Susan Spence

This was a fantastic course for me as a beginner not quite getting manual mode right at all. Billy's vast talent in photography is not only shown in his work but also as he imparts his knowledge and tips, explaining easily and clearly his methods and advice. He has helped me a huge amount. I found his tuition and guidance invaluable and can't wait to take more photos and work on them as he has given me such inspiration. He is a great guy with a fantastic personality and I can't recommend his courses highly enough. I'd love to do more. Both him and Donna are doing a great job!!!! Thankyooooo

Sean Dunne

Great 3 day course in Assynt and Torridon last week with Billy.His knowledge of and passion for photography really shows. This was combined with thorough familiarity of times and shooting locations. Finally back at base he topped it off with detailed skills in post processing and the ability to get them across with the patience needed for someone like me. Really enjoyed the experience.

Robert Hume

Just been on a weekend course in Assynt with Billy and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
Billy took us to some amazing locations where despite the weather we were able to take some great photographs. When not out taking photographs Billy gave some excellent tuition in Photoshop and Lightroom and was very open about all the techniques he uses.

Martin Campbell

I attended the 1 day Glencoe course. This was my first time attending any sort of photography course and it was a great experience. Billy has a great passion and knowledge on the art of photography and importantly is really keen to impart this to others clearly. For anyone looking to take pictures in some great locations and get a real step up in their ability to take the best pictures, they can, this course was great. Highly recommended.

Steve Cheetham

I've just returned from a one day course with Billy in Glencoe. Billy was an excellent tutor and had lots of advice to offer everyone with different levels of experience in our group. Billy was generous in sharing his knowledge and ways of working, and talking about photographers that inspire him. We visited some fantastic locations and I came away with several new images for my portfolio

Hilary Lumley

I have just returned from the Northumberland course which was great. Billy is a really good and inspiring teacher and the small group is an excellent way to learn. I hope to go on some more of his courses in the future.

Dave Bowman

Thoroughly enjoyed Billy's course in Northumberland. Plenty of insightful workflow tips and location knowledge. Well looked after throughout.

Valerie Pegler

I chose Billy Currie's course as he only has 3 candidates on it, which allows you much more personalised tutuion. The two day Glencoe Castles, mountains and photoshop course was excellent and I learned so much. The photo workshop on day two was brilliant - very professionally set up and once again learned so much. I hope to do one of the longer courses in the not too distant future. Thanks to Billy and Donna for a great weekend. Valerie

Mark Copland

Spotted this course as I searched date specific. Arrived in glencoe earlier than Billie and other participants and found the area even more imposing than I had on previous visits. Found the informal and flexible manner of the course really great. The course was truly tailored to our requirements. The great keepers never materialised but I definitely acquired/improved the necessary tools to accelerate my strike rate. Have also returned twice to glencoe since. The straight forward informal coaching Billie provided impressed me and encouraged me to get my finger out and develop my skills. I thank him and the other participants for the days and nights experience we had in glencoe.

Keith Sheppard

A throughly enjoyable course full of information and insights into landscape photography.( Now the hard bit comes in trying to assimulate it all. ) Very worthwhile, I look forward to future workshops.

Alistair Downie

I would like to thank you for a very informative day. This was a present from my wife for my birthday. I had been thinking about doing a course to improve my techniques and get an understanding about Photoshop. After attending Billy's course it has given me a better understanding of what I can do and will be able to achieve with a little bit of work. I will certainly be looking to attend another of the longer course at some time. Thanks for your very informative advice that was easy to understand. Alistair

Neil Rose

Billy & Donna, Just to say thank you to you both for a very enjoyable and enlightening day on the Glencoe Photography Course. I have learnt valuable insights into this new fascinating pastime of dSLR photography. Kind regards, Neil

Gill Westwater

Hi Billly, Just to thank you (and Donna!) for providing such an excellent workshop yesterday. The one day landscape course was even better than anticipated and I went home and started editing my images immediately! I am amazed at how much I learned in such a short period of time both about the practical elements of taking the picture as well as loads about editing it afterwards: now, I even understand hyperfocal distance! I've already recommended your workshop to a friend and I am sure she will be in touch soon. You're professionalism and humour made the day. Thanks again, Gill.

John Chapman

I thoroughly enjoyed the one day course in Glencoe and surroundings. Billy provided clear and comprehensive explanations about what could and could not be achieved using cameras and the importance of post-processing the resulting images to get best results. He answered questions in an expert manner on a wide range of photographic matters. I look forward to participating in a further course. Thank you, Billy.

Alex Nicolson

Having just attended the Glencoe course, I would thoroughly recommend spending some time with Billy. He has a great enthusiasm and extensive knowledge and puts this across superbly well to novices and more experienced photographers alike. A thoroughly enjoyable and highly educational day. Excellent!

Chris Combe

I did the 4 day North West Highland course and enjoyed every minute...even the midges were part of the experience! Billy has great enthusiasm and knowledge and taught me absolutely loads about taking and editing photos. I will definitely be doing more courses!

Neil Thomson

Thanks Billy for your motivation and infectious enthusiasm you helped awake a creative streak that was starting to become dormant. Great course with the personal touch covering both the technical and artistic elements.

Jan Sippitts

A great course with Billy in Skye. The weather was not too kind but Billy showed us the advantages of working with different light and opportunities for dramatic shots. The accommodation was very comfortable and had a stunning aspect. My fellow course attendees were great company and the dynamics were very good. Skye is a superb place to enjoy the tranquility and uniqueness of the landscape. Thanks Billy for great tuition and advice, I have my Canon 24-105mm on order! Jan

Bill Marshall

I have been on one of Billy's courses before, but once again this course was brilliant and met all my expectations. Billy's knowledge in both Photoshop and photography is first class. His enthusiasm and energy inspires you to get out there and do photography but also desperate to get back to process the images. I would highly recommend anyone to try one of Billy's courses you will leave a much better photographer. Thanks Billy

Ian Kelly

Wish I had done this course years ago, an outstanding day of instruction from Billy. He delivered a very well structured day covering all the basic foundation you need to to take the perfect image with your camera followed by a superb processing presentation at his home. I took 150 images on my way back north on Easter Monday to practice what I had been taught , my partner cannot believe the transformation . I will be back for the four day course ! Many thanks to Billy and Donna for an excellent day and great hospitality. Wether your a beginner or an experienced photographer you will certainly benefit from attending this course . Ian K

Euan Ross

I participated in the 3 day course in Glencoe and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Billy has great knowledge and enthusiasm for photography which he shares with all participants. I felt as though I have got skills to take my photography to a new level, particularly as a result of Billy's fantastic tuition on Photoshop which I really enjoyed. I can definitely see myself signing up for one of Billy's future courses.

Steve Johnson

Hi Billie
I just wanted to thank you so much for the the excellent course you ran at Glen Coe. I have done a few similar courses before down south but I now realise how poor they actually were. I loved the enthusiasm for the subject and as a result of that, I feel I came away with so much more than I expected. I am sure I will be seeing you again probably on Skye. Great fun !!

Hugh Whitchurch

Hi Billy, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course and hope one day to repeat it. We were very fortunate to have great weather for the duration but I doubt I would have enjoyed it any less if we hadn't. I've come home with some great shots but best of all I've been inspired by your enthusiasm to get out there and practice the techniques you so adequately demonstrated. Judy and May were also great company and obviously very enthusiastic also which made the course all the more enjoyable. A big thank you to you and to Donna for helping to organise everything. My very best wishes, Hugh

John Lawson

Joined Billy and two other photographers on a trip to Skye in February 2014. Despite a mixed weather forecast, we managed to find some great light, thanks to Billy's local knowledge. Some great locations and eateries too. It saves so much time when you are with someone who knows where they are going and you don't return home kicking yourself that you missed the key attractions. It isn't just a case of finding the location, you need to know where the best compositions can be had, and often this is easy to miss. More great Photoshop tuition from Billy, which I am sure will penetrate my thick skull one day. I enjoyed the hike up the hill behind The Old Man of Storr in the dark to get in position for the misty dawn, but the highlight for me was the Fairy Pools - an amazing location that I will surely return to. This is the second of Billy's courses I have been on and I am sure that I will return again to cover another part of the country. Thanks Billy for sharing your knowledge of all things photography once again. All the best, John

Tim Hodges

A great few days on Skye. Billy has endless energy and enthusiasm for photography. I've come away feeling motivated to develop and move my photography up a gear. I've been taking landscape photos for years but still learnt loads and re-emphasised many key skills. Billy has a vast knowledge of photography and post processing and is willing to share so much. Just come prepared to absorb as much as you can. I also liked his honest, no nonsense approach to what's achievable in camera compared to what you can do post processing. A refreshing view that cuts right through the mystique that many photographers use to shroud their work. Thanks Billy.

Hugh Griffiths

Thanks - it was excellent. The best way to get a proper grip on digital photography. Not only that, it was a lot of fun. Don't dither, just do it.

Malcolm Surgenor

Thoroughly enjoyed my day with Billy. The group was just the right size to allow all the questions to be answered and everyone to have their particular specialism covered. There's a heck of a lot to take in over one day but I left motivated to go and use both the photography techniques and the post processing workflow covered. Can recommend the course to both beginners and those more experienced alike.

David J McGeachie

We attended Billy's Introduction to Landscape Photography & Photoshop course in January
We found Billy to be a very easy going teacher which made us feel at ease and relaxed, he has a very high technical knowledge of cameras, photography and Adobe products, which he broke down to bite size chunks of information that were easy to understand. His enthusiasm and passion for photography comes across when he teaches, nothing is too demanding, no question however stupid it may sound, answered. I think my daughter and myself learned more on that one day about our cameras, composition and post processing than everything we knew to date. If you own a camera then we would suggest you take one or more of Billy's courses you will not regret it. We are off now to look through the other courses available.
Many Thanks to Billy & Donna for a fantastic day.

Alison Porwol

Having been on two of Billy's courses (with a third one already booked!) I thoroughly recommend anyone who is starting out or interested in improving their photography to attend one of the courses. On my most recent course, in Assynt, Sutherland and Torridon, the locations we were taken to were breath taking and Billy's tuition was fantastic, skilfully adapting the different technique’s he taught us depending on the location and time of day - from long exposure shots on the beach at Durness to night photography at Ardvreck Castle!! Then in the evening the “Digital Darkroom” tuition using Photoshop and Lightroom was incredibly valuable. Don’t hesitate in booking one of Billy’s courses… they are just fantastic!

Ian Symonds

Excellent day spent learning about long exposure photography, and options within my camera I had not realised it possessed. Well worth attending this course, for the opportunity to learn, spend time in pleasant company and stunning scenery. Time spent on Photoshop equally instructive, although here especially time to be spent practicing and experimenting run on way beyond the time available. I think this could be the long term learning from the course; the photograph is the starting point, not the end product. I will, I am sure, be back.

Evelyn Duncan

Thanks again Billy for another great course. I thoroughly enjoyed the Glencoe sessions out with the camera and also the Photoshop and Lightroom tuition. Your patience is really appreciated and also for sharing your knowledge so enthusiastically. I definitely recommend booking a course with Billy for anyone interested in progressing their photography skills or if just starting out with a new hobby. Evelyn

Jackie Thomson

Another FANTASTIC course!! Billy's extensive knowledge of the area meant we spent our days moving between locations, working with the changeable weather conditions to capture some stunning scenery, whilst our evenings were taken up using Lightroom and Photoshop to give our images that finishing touch. As always, Billy was patient and more than happy to share his experience with us and it made for a great weekend.
Huge thanks to Billy and Donna for all their organising and to fellow participants Alison and Neil for making it fun! I'll definitely be booking another course in the future.

Neil Goodwin

Another excellent course with Billy, this time in Sutherland. As always, the photo opportunities were varied and extensive. And Billy gives his time, guidance and advice freely, comprehensively and patiently. I cannot recommend Billy's courses highly enough - you will definitely leave not only with great images but equally importantly, greater experience and knowledge that will make you a better photographer. And you will have fun doing it!

Deborah Hill

It was an incredible learning experience to work in a small group with Billy, someone who is as enthusiastic as he is skilled at both photographic technique and post-production work.


Just a wee note to say a HUGE thank you for your tuition and patience (!) on Sunday. I really enjoyed the day and felt it was extremely beneficial. It was great to learn in such a small group which was one of the reasons I chose your course. Thanks also to Donna for the hospitality provided. Would hope to join you again in the not too distant future.

Azfer Usmani

I have done 2 courses with Billy. Fab. Great teaching style. Inspires. Well managed. Extremely approachable. Highly recommended.

Mai Le Dinh

Hi Billie, I just wanted to say again, thank you very much for a great course on Skye. Your enthusiasm for photography and teaching is tireless. Thank you for being so generous with your time, knowledge and patience. I was also very impressed by how well prepared you were and the thought that you have put in for the learning and technical needs of students. I learned more about photography in the last few days than I have in the past two years. The locations that you took us to were great and I would certainly return to beautiful Skye - and sign up for another course! All the best, Mai

Gavin Duncan

Would just like to say a massive thank you to Billy for a thoroughly enjoyable course. Billy is a very easy going and friendly teacher. Braking down complex photography methods into manageable steps. I enjoyed the Glencoe & photoshop course from start to finish, Billy has a knowledge and passion that shines through and gets you feeling even more enthusiastic about photography and its related subjects. Highly recommend any of his courses. Thank you once again for the enjoyable experience Billy & Donna :)

Emma Thurlow

I just want to say a huge thank you to Billy for another wonderful photography course!
My mum and dad arranged for me to come as a surprise for my 21st birthday as I loved the course I did 18 months ago and couldn't wait to go again. This time I joined Billy at Northumberland as I have never been there before and fancied playing with the sea again. I sure wasn't disappointed with the results I got! (Even the long exposure that is still so dark you can hardly see the sea made it to my wall!) I can honestly say I will never forget standing at St Mary's Lighthouse and watching the tide come in along with the sun setting over the bay and I'll always remember the wonderful banter that accompanied it! Even though I had been on a course before, I learnt so much this time and my photographs are much better. Billy knew how much I'd done so showed me some more advanced and newer things in Photoshop and even showed me how to do long exposures like he does with my camera that I thought couldn't go over 30 secs. It just goes to show what you can learn if you have the right teacher. I will definitely be back again. Billy is a fantastic teacher who treats you like a good friend, is always there to chat to and is always willing to help, no matter how many stupid questions you ask!Thank you so so much for making my 21st birthday one to remember forever. See you soon! xx

David Price

Thanks VERY much for the outstanding course. I had bought a digital SLR and never got out of Auto mode - too intimidated by the instruction manual. Billie was great at allowing me to see the wood despite the trees - I was quickly in manual mode and understanding for the first time what I was doing. I was able to build on that over the two days. Understanding Photoshop was a revelation and the patient, thorough way Billie went through everything so methodically means I came away learning a huge amount. This is real value for money, exactly what I needed and was very enjoyable. Strongly recommended.

Ed Twentyman

Huge thanks for your help, tips and advice. Your course was brilliant and has already lifted the quality of my pictures beyond anything I could have imagined. I have no reservation recommending your course to anyone with a desire to improve their pictures.

Asif Anwar

Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for a fantastic 2 day course with Billy. His passion is infectious and he is a superb teacher. Billy is very personable and easy to approach with any type of question, and he is very flexible in use of time, always working to get the best possible shots. His skills with post-processing further enhance the experience and take the end result to that "wow" level, and he is very generous about showing his own personal RAW files and techniques. I am now desperate to get out and shoot some landscapes and then come home and dive into Lightroom! A big thanks to Donna as well for her hospitality during the classroom session. The whole experience was great and I will definitely be looking to see when I can go on a longer shooting trip now!

Sharon Giles

I had the pleasure of being on the Castles and Coastlines course in Northumberland in May 2013. From the Saturday to the Tuesday we didn't stop! Billy's enthusiasm for all things photographic rubbed off on all of us! We had three days of fog and yet Billy still found locations where we could maximise the weather conditions to shoot long exposures and black and white minimalist shots. He explained everything so clearly and was always on hand to help with composition, camera settings and even helping me get my wellies off! As there was only the 4 of us including Billy we were able to decide our timetable and split our time between taking the photos and then going back to our lovely holiday house to learn how to edit in Lightroom and Photoshop in the classroom Billy had set up around the kitchen table. I learnt loads about lenses, hyperfocal distance, composition, long exposures. I learnt things on my 7D that I didn't even know were there. And finally on our last morning the fog lifted and we got a dawn shoot at Bamburgh castle. I can thoroughly recommend one of Billy's courses, I shall be returning for another!

Neal Cragg

Thanks Billy for another fantastic course , even though the weather wasn't on our side you showed us other aspects of photography we could do instead , something I wouldn't of thought about . I really enjoyed the course and look forward to another one . Thanks once again

Mally Draycott

thanks for a great weekend billie.we went to some great locations to try different things and i got a lot out of it.your enthusiasm made me feel relaxed and i found it easy to take your tips camera will never be off manual mode anyone thinking of booking billy,dont hesitate...highly recommended.

Craig Forsyth

Thanks to Billy for a great experience on his intro to landscape photography, one day course. Billy's enthusiasm shines and makes you feel relaxed. I had an enjoyable, informative day and hope to do another course in the future. I would highly recommend him.

Gordon MacLean

Really good day, lots of information to take in. although the weather wasn't that good we took a lot of good pictures. Already looking to do a photo shop course.

Jane Loughman

Just wanted to say that we both had a great day with you Billy on the Intro to Landscape photography & Photoshop one day course in March. We really appreciated your enthusiasm and knowledge and both feel that we have picked up a heap of invaluable tips. We hope to join you on a residential course in the future to keep on learning! Many thanks to both you and Donna for a really well organised course.

Grace Paterson

What a wonderful experience. I recently attended a two - day course with Billy. Being a beginner I felt a bit apprehensive, but I needn't have worried. Billy's patience and enthusiasm set me at ease. I learned so much and now can't wait to try out the techniques I was shown. Looking forward to being able to attend another course soon. Many thanks.

Heather Oliver

Thank you so much Billie for a great 2 day course including Glencoe, castles and photoshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned so much in so many areas over the time spent with you. And your enthusiasm for photography is certainly infectious!! Also thanks to Donna for keeping me well informed via e-mails and providing lunch on Sunday! I will certainly look forward to other courses with you. Many thanks again!

David Scott

The 4 day course was a wonderful experience which truly surpassed my expectations. Day 1 saw me begin to shoot in manual mode and halfway through day 2 I suddenly stopped and realised that I had been jumping out the car all day and shooting manually without even thinking about it. You'll also learn about composition and the importance of lighting, and how to make the most of whatever conditions you are faced with. Photoshop techniques are also covered. I was a complete novice with Photoshop, but I learned some advanced techniques that are invaluable to photographers. Overall it was a wonderful course, Billy's knowledge and skill are only surpassed by his infectious enthusiasm and patience. Don't sit and wonder if this is the course for you, just book it!

Claire Fleming

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Billy for his knowledge and enthusiasm on the course. The day in Glencoe was fantastic - shame about the freezing wind and rain/snow showers but Billy was right, it did make for some excellent black and white shooting opportunities. Hope I can remember all of the hints and tips and very much looking forward to participating in a longer course in the future. Thanks again, Claire.

Brian Jones

After attending a one day course with Billy last year there was no doubt I was going to participate in another. To that end I've have just been on Billy's Sutherland and Wester Ross 3 day session. Yet again I've not only had a few days with great company but come away with much more photography knowledge and know how. This is all down to Billy who can communicate at any level on all aspects of photography from the technical, compositional and post processing. I challenge any one not to be a better photographer after spending time with Billy. His research and knowledge of the locations is second to none which is matched by his enthusiasm. I'd also like to thank Donna for arranging the weather :-) . and also to David my fellow course member for making this course so enjoyable and great fun. in the words of Arnold Swartzeneger 'I will be back' Thanks again Billy and see you soon.

David Savory

Had a great experience on your recent 1 day Landscape course - both the morning practical session and the afternoon editing taught me far more than I could ever have hoped for. Your enthusiasm & passion for landscape photography, Billy, shone through - and your ability to clearly explain both theory and practice was much appreciated. I very much hope to return and join you on one of your residential courses later this year. Many thanks again for a great day to remember.

Kirsteen Cameron

Billy was an informative and approachable teacher and I really enjoyed my day in Glencoe. I came away feeling more confident of using my camera to its best abilities. Thank you.

Alison Porwol

Billy is highly knowledgeable and passionate about his photography. Throughout the two day course I was on he explained everything simply and logically which made me feel I might actually be able to take great pictures too! Hyperfocal distance is now a doddle, and i'll never take another picture again without using the histogram function. His enthusiasm for photography is infectious. Thanks Billy, another course will be booked in the future!

Jackie Thomson

AMAZING weekend!! Billy's enthusiasm was totally infectious and his knowledge second to none.
I've never used the manual mode on my camera before but now I don't think I'll ever use anything else!
The day spent covering Lightroom and Photoshop was full of invaluable advice (and Donna's lunch was yummy!)
Can't recommend Billy and this course highly enough and I'll definitely be booking another (Assynt, Sutherland and Torridon, here I come!!)

Mario Rodgers

I had a fantastic time with Billy in the Northumberland workshop last month (Jan 13). Location was mesmerising and managed to capture great shots. Fun was had by all, also due to great buddy participants Prasad and Heidi. I heartfully recommend Billy's courses to anyone who want to get into serious landscape photography. Can't wait for my next workshop with Billy in June :)

Heidi Traunecker

Billy, I had another wonderful photo trip this time Northumberland in January. Friends thought photos much better than last year which is down to your great way to patiently continue tutoring to my low level of technical skills. Company was great and rough weather gave a fantastic background to the landscape. Will have to come back for more. Heidi

Steve Leung

This was my first photography course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I received expert tuition in using my camera, composition and photography equipment (bought some new wellies on the advice of Billy!). The day was very relaxed and I gained so much confidence in using my equipment - so much so, I got up early the next day to get some shots of the bridge at Bridge of Orchy in the snow. I must also thank Mark Littlejohn who was part of the group. He was excellent company and introduced me to "big stopper" photography and gave excellent advice and hints and tips. I would definitely recommend Billy's courses and I'm looking forward to booking another one in the near future.

Michael Docherty

Billy just a note to say how much I enjoyed the course.It has now given me the confidence and understanding to use manual settings and has also cleared up some of the mysteries which at times felt a bit like the black arts.I will probably be in touch next year to arrange another visit as there is no doubt a lot to learn.Thanks again I will be sure to recommend you to anyone in the future.

John Lawson

Thanks for everything over the last three days Billy. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I came hoping to learn how to move my photography up to the next level and left with a great understanding of what I need to do. It will take a lot of practice to get there but in this respect, the course fully met my expectations. But I got a lot more out of the course than I expected! I had never in my wildest dreams thought that photographing Glencoe in pitch darkness was possible. Or that trudging across a snowy moor in drizzle would result in fantastic photos. If you're thinking about booking one of Billy's courses, don't hesitate. He tailors the day to suit your needs and experience, and has such a wealth of knowledge that beginners and experienced photographers will each get a lot out of the experience. You will also visit some stunning locations which you may not have found or visited alone. Three days have never gone by so quickly!

Asim Mahmood

Fantastic course, gained valuable information and learned about things I never even knew existed! Billy is very friendly and always has time to explain things! Will def be booking another course

Janet Bulmer

I would recommend this course to anyone. Billy has so much patience, lots of inspiration and there is loads to learn for everyone, both out in the field and in the classroom. Thank you .......I will be back for more!!

Bob Black

Recently returned from another course which I found most worthwhile. Billy gave everyone excellent one-to-one tuition at all photo shoot locations. Back at the island base he also spent time guiding us through the processing of our images using Lightroom and photoshop on the laptops he had supplied. The course was well tailored to suit climatic conditions and individual levels of photographic experience . Would definitely attend another of Billy's courses.

David Parker

I can thoroughly recommend a course with Billy. He eats, sleeps and breathes photography and passes his considerable knowledge onto his students at every opportunity. Whatever your level you are guaranteed to learn something from him and he makes the learning process easy and interesting.

Alan Brown

Northumberland Coast and Castles – another excellent course! Billy researches his locations very well and works hard to ensure that course members have access to striking photo opportunities. Allied to his very professional approach is his infinite patience and ability to impart skills and information in a very pleasant manner. He continues to offer great courses in great locations which are both highly instructive and very enjoyable. I’ll be back!

Neil Goodwin

Another great course with Billy. As always, he gives his advice freely with infinite patience and good humour. A thoroughly enjoyable practical experience wIth great photo opportunities. Billy's got these events just right - another one beckons I think!

James Lauder

I recently attended a course with Billy in the Glencoe area and it has been, without a doubt, the greatest single investment I have made in photography. Not only did I receive, what I am sure must be, the most professional tuition available to anyone in the use of my camera but also fantastic guidance and instruction in that all too complicated photo shop. I had the pleasure of three days with this magnificent and inspiring man and on return, I felt like deleting my whole Flickr stream as he had taken me to a level I thought unreachable. I had read manuals, I had watched videos, I had bought books but everything I read or watched left me feeling even more confused than before but Billy explained things to me in a way I understood them and now I am approaching everything in a more educated way. On a more personal note, here's the deal. I was not happy with what I was producing photographically,I almost bought a new camera and lenses but after looking at Billy's stream on Flickr I'm glad to say, common sense prevailed. Any extra money I spent would be better spent learning to use what I already owned and I cant tell you how happy I am that I made that decision. If you love photography and want to be better I cant encourage you enough to attend one of his courses, you will be amazed at how good you already are. It pays to know how to buy knowledge. Do it.

Colin Prentice

This was a fantastic course Billy! The landscape in Assynt and Sutherland is stunning and I definitely clicked with your technical approach to photography and the way that you have embraced image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop. It was also great to experience a real 'day in the life of a landscape photographer'! When the weather wasn't the best for landscapes it was interesting to turn to black and white, macro or long exposures to pass the time (and it passes quickly!). This course has definitely given me the encouragement to pack the car and get out there and start taking more photographs. Many thanks for your teaching and for your driving! Cheers, Colin

Ann Jacobs

Fantastic. Billy you are inspirational and so patient. Blown away by the night time photo shoot and these will be my favourite pictures. Technically I have advanced so much and I am sure with practise I will improve on composition and choice of subject. Feel confident enough to try other aspects of photography and to explore photoshop. Pity it all went so quickly. Was worried that being a senior citizen it might have been too dificult for me to cope with both the terrain and the technical skills but your passion and patience made it a memorable experience. I will certainly do further courses with you. Thank you , thank you.

Douglas Murray

Had a great time and Billy was excellent in explaining the technicalities of where I was going wrong. I have a decent camera, but knew I was not getting the best out of it, I routinely used the iA mode or the predefined modes of the camera. I most definitely steered away from the "manual mode", where you are in complete charge of the camera .... too scary !!. Now after being on the course, I only use the manual setting!, with the big difference being, that I still make mistakes and produce poor pictures, but , now I have the knowledge as to where I went wrong, and then fix it. To prove the point, after the course was over I travelled to Smoo Cave in Sutherland and took a picture of an underground waterfall in very dark conditions ..... it came out really well, I know for a fact that a few weeks earlier I would have got frustrated and gave up, not knowing what I had done wrong. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve upon their camera skills.

Dr. David Tsang

This was my first photography course and I had a great time. Billy is a very patient teacher and I learnt a great deal about my camera as well as landscape photography. I have no doubt that I will book another course with Billy next year.

Peter Durey

Billy, thankyou. It was a great course because of the small numbers and the venue ( not the weather!!) and, in particular your enthusiasm without being over the top, your patience, ability to expain things logically and simply, your positiveness and encouragement ( you are a good teacher) I would come again. How about a trip to Australia. I went from Scotland to the fjords of Norway and sunshine!! Now there's a good spot for landscape photography and mountain walking. I got some good shots of the Buchaille on the way back to Glasgow destined a big image and hanging up at work. Best wishes in the future

John Akar

We had fantastic time on the course and learned an awful lot about both the technical and artistic aspects of photography. It has armed us with the knowledge to advance our skills. Billy was a patient and charming teacher and allowed us to set our own pace of learning. I cannot recommend this course enough

Diane Scott

Great course! I've learned more about my camera and discovered that Lightroom and Photoshop needn't be so difficult to work with. The small group was ideal and gave plenty of room for individual attention, and the choice of location was just fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days in and around Ullapool.

Neal Cragg

I can't thank you enough for a brilliant 3 day course . I've learnt alot about my cameras functions , how to take a decent photo and as non user of photoshop, ,probably through fear and being computer illiterate ,being able to enhance my photos like I never thought I would do. I look forward to joining you on another one of your courses very soon. Many thanks . Kind regards Neal

John Quinn

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend course, a must for anyone who wants to learn more about their camera and post photo editing, take better pictures etc. The landscape cannot fail to inspire you. Even someone who thinks they are experienced will learn loads. Photoshop was a scary thought but not anymore thanks to Billy who made it appear very easy and understandable. Billy was on hand for help, guidance, hints and tips galore throughout. I learnt an extreme amount, even about my own camera which I thought I knew well enough. Billy (and Donna) were great all weekend, and from first making contact, nothing was too much trouble at all. I look forward to attending another weekend or more in the not so distant future. Here's to better pictures!! Thanks again, John

Eric Stevens

Really enjoyed the weekend. Can't believe how little I knew about my own camera or that I thought that once I'd downloaded the images, my work was done!! Off to play with photoshop and practice my new found skills.

Evelyn Duncan

Hi Billy, Thanks again for another great workshop. The long weekend in Sky was very well organised around great locations and making the best of each day according to the weather. Climbing up the mountain in the dark to shoot the Old Man of Storr at sunrise was a great highlight for me. Your willingness to share your knowledge on camera skills and digital processing techniques is really appreciated.

Heidi Traunecker

Billie, your course had been great fun and I learned how to take photos manually for the first time in my life! The photos I took home give me lovely memories and my talk about meters etc made my neighbour dig out her camera and try out my new found skills and advice. Is that career progression or what? Missing 'sheep' and related jokes, though. Northumberland it will be next after exercising my camera for a while. The Sky and Assynt course was the most pleasurable way I have learnt new skills. Highly recommended all round.

Paul Rackham

Billy has loads of patience, a great deal of experience and knowledge, and a willingness to pass it on. Great value, and a lot of fun as well.

Emma Thurlow

I recently did a week course in skye and ullapool and I have come back with not only more knowledge on photography, but also life changing experiences that I will never forget! Billy was so welcoming and relaxed that he made you feel at ease while you were leaning pretty detailed stuff and he was always there to help if and when you needed him. A very patient and hilarious man with a lot of passion to help others succeed. I can now say I'm friends with Photoshop and Lightroom and that I have a lot less fears than when I first went up to skye! Overall it was a wonderful week and I won't hesitate to book on another of Billy's courses. They're a real must for any photographer wanting to learn a lot more about the subject in a relaxed but very informative manor. All that's left to say is thank you Billy for changing the way I see the world and capture it with my camera! You taught me everything I wanted to know and much much more while also helping me learn a lot more about myself too. The sheep will definitely be back one day!

Anne McGee

Sinead and I thoroughly enjoyed our day. It was really informative, great fun and great lunch (thanks Donna)
We definitely hope to attend other courses with Billy.

Brian Jones

I learnt more in one fun packed day with Billy than I would have in a year left to my own devices! Nothing was too much trouble for Billy he ensured that myself and the other two folks on the course had plenty of 'one to one' tuition. I can't thank Billy and Donna enough for a great day. I would strongly recommend one of Billy's courses and I will be back for one of the longer ones as soon as the piggy bank is full!!

Shona Hawley

I completed a one day course on 10 March, with my sister and a friend. This was an amazing experience. Highly recommend this to amateur and experienced photographers. Billy is so knowledgable is so many areas and the information he provides is invaluable. One to one interaction helps perfect the experience. Thanks Billy will definitely be back

Liz McCabe

Wow, wow, wow, what a fantastic course. Until Saturday I had never had my camera on manual mode. I had tried various settings but could never really figure them out. Billy is amazing, my sister, a friend and myself booked the three places on the course. We all just felt so relaxed with Billy and he is so knowledgeable. I can not recommend this enough and would encourage anyone thinking about doing this just to do it. On top of that Billy even gave us cookery advice, loved every minute.
Thanks for everything Billy and Donna

Sinead Carrigg

I thoroughly enjoyed my Introduction to Landscape Photography. Not only was it a fun day out with like-minded people, but Billy really took the time to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and helped everyone individually no matter what stage of photography they were at. The scenery was beautiful, and being a total amateur photographer I can honestly say I learned so much from Billy in just one day. Would definitely recommend any course with him!

Sylvie Oidtmann

What can I say appart from brilliant. Billie was just great fun to be with, his knoledge on the subject, photoshop and the lacation was extensive yet explained in a simple and easy way(several times if needed) I would recomend this course to anybody with an interest in photography.Don't change anything.I will come again.(sorry Billie you have not got rid of me this easy!!!)

Indira Purushothaman

Exceptional on all accounts. The course was fantastic - there were three different abilities and we were all catered for. The learning environment was lovely, calm and exciting. Billy you are an amazing photographer and you were incredible in your ability to motivate and inspire us to learn about taking photos and really enjoy it. We'll definitely be returning, Indira and Peter

Mark Littlejohn

I have taken part in two of Billys courses over the past 12 months or so. I would highly recommend them, no matter what level you think you are in photography. Firstly, he ensures that there are a max of three students on any course which means that everyone gets a lot of one-to-one tuition. Secondly, his location choices are second to none. Thirdly, you will get a lot of good, practical advice on how to use your camera before you even press the shutter release. Fourthly, (that doesn't sound right - is it a proper word?) once you have taken your picture you will be presented with a workflow via Lightroom and Photoshop that I believe to be second to none. I am extremely keen on my photography and like to think that I've worked hard on it over the last couple of years but I can safely say that on each occasion I've met him I've always come away knowing more. I'd like to finish by saying that each trip has been like a true holiday - a great atmosphere from start to finish and (especially on my last trip to Skye and Assynt) great company with Billy, Boyd Hunt and young Pete Clayton. I'd highly recommend one of Billys courses.

David Cameron

I had a completely wonderful time, the first day was extremely enjoyable and the scenery in Glencoe is breath taking. Could not fully explain in such a short paragraph the amount of information and tips that I picked up from Billy, he explained the techniques such as composition, exposure, focusing, depth of field etc in the most simplest of terms, which has certainly helped me to understand how to plan and capture the images I am looking for. The second day was also very enjoyable and Billy explained how to organise and how to get the best from my images using the slightest of adjustments when processing, overall the tips and advice I picked up from Billy a week ago has already made a difference to how I enjoy and approach my photography Billy always took his time and made me feel at ease when answering all my questions, I had an absolutely fabulous time one in which I would certainly repeat. Finally cheers Donna for the sannies and the coffee they were great and for the directions.
Cheers David

Nadia Nortey

I had an absolutely fantastic day with Billy. The course was informative, fun, diverse and to top it off, I had the back-drop of Glencoe as my subject! If you want to learn photography as a beginner or even just enhance your photography skills, then I would definitely recommend Billy. His skill and patience is second to none. Thank you for all your assistance over the two day course. I really do feel more confident and have a better understand of the art of photography. And thanks for sandwiches on Sunday, Donna.

Evelyn Duncan

We had a good day out with the cameras on the Glencoe day shoot. Although weather wasn’t great Billy showed us what to appreciate in different conditions. As well as teaching the photography skills Billy shared his knowledge of the locations we visited. He knows a great deal about cameras, lenses and accessories and I really appreciate his advice.

Ross McBride

I would like to thank you for a fantastic day course. I took away a great deal including a better understanding of camera settings right through to improving photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. The small group works so well and Billy is a fountain of knowledge in the subject and his passion for photography is inspirational. I would love to attend another course in the near future.

T. Docherty

Excellent course, well delivered. Advice and support were delivered at an appropriate level. Billy's knowledge is superb and his enthusiasm for photography (and sharing his expertise) is second to none. In the words of The Terminator "I'll be back!"

Sally Knox

Brilliant course. I am an absolute beginner and Billy's advice was patient, tremendously useful and excellent. Learning about Photoshop was fascinating. Billy's enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and as a result, the day flew in. Donna should get some TOP praise for the delicious sandwiches too!

Chris Lauder

Just like to say thanks for the recent 3 day landscape course in Glencoe. Although the weather was not great at times i still managed to get good shots when i would normally sit it out and stay at home. Billy made photoshop look so easy and i learned more over the few days than i have done reading the massive manuals you get. I may still need to book a photoshop course in the future tho as i will forget it all by the time i buy myself a copy.

Ian Thomas

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 3 day landscape workshop with Billy.Apart from his knowledge and enthusiasm for photography, he's a dammed good host.I gained a lot of valuable information throughout the course and the section on photoshop is excellent.Although not new to photography ,I very rarely do landscapes but having done this course,that's going to change. Thanks again Billy,I definately will be in Glencoe and the surrounds in the very near future.

Mike Byers

Being a genuine beginner I can thoroughly recommend this day course. Billy is hugely experienced and knowedgeable and answered all and every question asked. The group was small and he had time to spend on a one to one basis. My knowedge of my camera and techniques came on leaps and bounds just from this one day course. I had read about shooting in manual and using RAW but was daunted by the prospect of using them. That changed and I now almost exclusively shoot in manual and always use RAW. Thanks Billy, and for the Photoshop tuition in the afternoon. You managed to de-mystify the digital darkroom and workflow too. For anyone considering some tuition I would thoroughly recommend Billy Currie.

Peter Clayton

Just like to say thanks for the 7 day course, although the weather was not as good as it could have been we certainly made the most of it. Anyone who reads this should seriously think about one of Billy's courses. He is always there to give help & advice & is not afraid to divulge information about photography that I am sure some other professional photographers would keep to themselves. In fact, any aspiring photographer would be foolish not to accompany Billy on one of his courses, you learn so much & the best of it remember it too.
We were up for a dawn shoot every day & although we never saw a sunrise, we were there taking the moody & minimalist images. We also saw the sunset every evening & although most of them were still behind heavy low lying cloud, every minute of every day was taken up with positive thinking behind it. On our second day we had that much rain that we went back to the cottage & worked on Lightroom & Photoshop.
The whole course was light hearted & fun, expecially when we went to Loch Assynt to photograph the ruined castle in the pitch dark with only a 3.5million candle power torch to light up the island & castle. The shots that came out of that shoot we to be seen to be believed & it was Billy's advice that got us there in the end.
Just like to say thanks to Mark & Boyd who were on the course with us, we all got along really well, seemed to have a similar sense of humour & did plenty of laughing. I would not hesitate to accompany you all on another outing sometime in the future. Many thanks, Peter Clayton.

Boyd Hunt

Just returned from the 7day Skye, Sutherland & Torridon course. Fantastic! Billy's relaxed and friendly nature, combined with his obvious passion for photography and knowledge of the best locations, made this a great week.
The processing tuition at the end of each day was excellent and all done on laptops provided.
The accommodation was great too. All in all, a brilliant week that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to improve their photography skills and have fun at the same time. Thanks Billy.

Sean Hunter

I had a fantastic day out with Billy, very friendly and he really helped me progress my photography. One day isn't enough, my letter to Santa has been written!!

Evelyn Duncan

Thanks Billy for a very informative day. It was great to get away from auto mode, with a useful morning of getting to grips with camera functions, then putting that into practice. The handouts will be very useful and so thoughtful to have the small laminated ones which fit nicely into my camera bag. The afternoon with file management and your knowledge of Photoshop for image enhancement was most encouraging. And thanks Donna for lunch and friendly hospitality. I will definitely be looking at other courses on offer. Thanks again.

Emma Wakeford

I had a wonderful informative day on Billy's day course. We were supposed to go to Glen Coe but the weather was terrible so Billy had a few East Coast options up his sleeve where the weather was forecast to be better. The locations were fantastic, the tuition was second to none and I am currently working out when I can get on another course! I have also enjoyed looking at Billy's photos on Flickr, they are outstanding.
Thanks so much for such a great experience.

Helen Low

A thoroughly enjoyable course.Thank you Billy for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm and providing such a relaxed atmosphere.

Micaela Tassalini

Thanks for another fantastic workshop, Billy! After spending four days at the course on Skye I was amazed at the great improvements in both my photographic skills and post-processing techniques.
Every aspect of Billy’s workshops is thoroughly organized and taken care of with utmost professionalism, yet delivered in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. Billy is not only a passionate and very talented photographer but also a very knowledgeable and patient teacher that will put at ease even the absolute beginner.
Billy’s courses offer a perfect mix of photographic shooting at amazing locations and post-processing work with the latest versions of Lightroom and Photoshop. Billy provides practical and handy data sheets on all the main photography aspects covered during the workshop as well as instruction manuals on digital darkroom techniques and a load of additional resources and links for further study and research.
I can’t recommend Billy’s courses highly enough and can’t wait to be able to join another of his fantastic workshops in the future.

Michael Hardi

Hi Billy, just to say thanks for a great weekend, I learnt more in the 4 days than 4 weeks of reading the manual. I will certainly becoming on another course.

Mark Nicholl

Great weekend of photography with Billy. His passion for photography really shone through and his teaching style is warm and friendly. Learnt more in a few hours than weeks scouring through the books. I'll be back soon!!

Dr Alan Brown

Castles and Glens Photo Weekend- This was an excellent course delivered by our tutor Billy who was absolutely on top of his subject which he delivered in a very clear,friendly and patient way. I look forward to returning for more. Thoroughly recommended.

Alistair Wright

Another great day of photography with Billy. Forget the new lens book a day with Billy as he'll take your landscape photography to a new level. No matter the weather you will get that picture for the wall.

Dorothy Ainslie

Dear Billy, Thank you for another very successful workshop. You're very generous with your knowledge of photography,photoshop and (very importantly ) great sites . Both you and Donna have made us feel very welcome and it was a pleasure to spend the day with you. I hope to book another workshop soon. Dorothy

Kirsteen Sangster

I would just like to thank Billy for a fantastic one day course enabling us to finally turn that dial from automatic to manual. I had previously read lots of theory but never managed to successfully put it into practice. Billy managed to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand and made a lot of sense. He has such a passion for photography and his genuine desire to help you was obvious throughout. I can't believe how quickly the day went with so much covered and for the first time ever it seems to have sunk in! Thanks must also go to Donna for a lovely spread at lunchtime to see us through the afternoon. We came home with some very useful handouts and will look forward to booking another course to learn even more in the future. Thanks again, Kirsteen & James.

Neil Goodwin

An excellent few days in Glencoe. Billy is an excellent ttutor and I had no idea that so much could be achieved with dark, brooding skies and rain to create brilliant images. Billy is completely unselfish in sharing his knowledge and experience - I will definitely book another course with him.

Jo Kenyon

Billy knows all the great locations and his friendly, down to earth personality really made the few days in Glencoe a lot of fun. Thanks to you both for another great course.

Faye Tester

Me and my brother thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt some great skills. I have some wicked photos and will definatley be taking my photography further. I am planning to invest in a zoom lense and some ND filters! Would definitely be interested in doing a futher course in a different area.

Gary Bradley

Thanks for an enjoyable day. Loved how much I learned in just one day's shooting. Feel lots more comfortable and confident in using my camera's manual settings now, thanks to your excellent teaching. Note to other beginners like me! Book a course you wont be disappointed and will come away a better photographer.

Graeme Dykes

Thank you very much for a most enjoyable day of photography. The choice of venues was fantastic and in no way dimished by the changeable weather. It was clear that Billy knew where to go and what to do to get the best pictures. He started us off with a sound technical basis which allowed us to spend most of our time on taking pictures ourselves. It was greaty to chat with Billy throughout the day, picking up tips.By the end of the day I felt that I had really moved onto a new level.

John Russell

A very informative day spent in great surroundings which can only help me in the future. Thanks again Billy!

Paul Cunningham

Billy, I just wanted to say thanks for the great day out in Glencoe yesterday. Your knowledge of photography (and great locations) were a real inspiration! Thanks again Paul.

Anne Mcewan

Hi Billy, just want to thank you again for the terrific workshop at Wester Ross. Everything about it was great, accommodation, locations, and your expertise in photography and editing. Also thanks to Donna for all the last minute arrangements she made on my behalf. It was my first visit to Wester Ross and I still can't get over how beautiful the whole area is. I will definitely go back. Thanks again, Anne

Janie Harkins

Can't believe I learned so much in one day. I've struggled to get to grips with shooting in manual mode for two years, always reverting to auto, but with Billy's systematic method of teaching and his patience I had it sussed in no time. Billy is a real down to earth guy, making it easy to ask questions without feeling stupid.
Thanks also to Donna for her hospitality and lovely lunch.
My only regret is that I should've done this sooner.

Alexine Mitchell

Hi Billy, I would like to say what an amazing time I had on the Blair Drummond Safari Park course at the end of May. I learned so much more than the previous courses I have been on! Many thanks for your help, Alexine

Jo Kenyon

Thanks to both of you for a great day. Billy was really relaxed about the structure of the day, very friendly and I have to say, I learnt more in the one day with Billy than I have on other courses. Will definitely try and get another course booked soon. Thanks again.

John M Lang

Billy and I arranged a 1-1 course at short notice in Glencoe. The structure was dictated by me according to my requirements. We had a very fruitful and full two days. I am still assimilating all the content together with a large number of photos still to be processed. It was worth every penny and I am confident I am now a better landscape photographer. Thanks Billy for all your enthusiasm.

Alistair Wright

thanks for a great workshop, relaxed , informative, great locations, high class images ,and very enjoyable. billy is an excellent teacher and ensures everyone from beginner to advanced leaves more knowlegeable .

Gary Morrison

Hi Billy and Donna, Just wanted to drop a note thanking you both for a most enjoyable weekend, Billy for all the tuition and techniques and Donna for all the fab food and hospitality, and you both for making us most welcome in your home. i have never done anything like this before and you made it a fantastic experience. Now its down to me to put what i have learned into practice, and I cant wait to get out and about and get some shooting done, however Billy I dont think I will be following your lead and getting up at 2am, I think 5.30am will do me fine for now!! Many thanks again

Marcello Silvestri

Hi Billy, Just to thank you a lot for the fantastic two days in Scotland. Your passion for photography is great and the knowledge is vast! ... Not only you take great shots and you know the right places but you are also a great "teacher" as you are able to explain photography with implicity by assisting your students at 360 degrees: on the camera, technically, composition + various other great tips on software, lens etc...
Please also thank your wife for the kind hospitality.
Thanks again for your time

Susan Faint

hi billy, just to say a big thanks for making my trip to skye so unforgettable, your knowledge and patience was second to none, i have some fantastic images from our evening shoots!! will be looking to see when i can make time to go on another trip, thanks again

Malcolm Park

This was a really great course over 4 days with (very) early starts and late finishes. Magical scenery and some wonderful photo opportunities. Best of all- no midges in April.
Great help and support from Billy made this a long weekend very well spent.

Nick Haeffner

Hi Billy and Donna, just a quick note to thank you for a great course. All the arrangements went very smoothly with excellent communications. When we got to Skye we were driven to some stunning locations where Billy was always on hand to help out with tips and advice. Billy also provided plenty of help with Photoshop. All in all, this was a great experience and one I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone thinking of booking.

Kevin Lowson

Just a small note and a big thanks to you Billy for an excellent 2 day course, although the weather wasn't the best your instruction will be sure to help me progress and take the next step in my digital escapade,the 2nd day of the course going through photoshop was a breath of fresh air, I would like to say that anyone who is thinking about this course please do it as you will learn a lot and the instruction is very user friendly.

alan drysdale

Hello Billy & Donna
I would like to thank you both for all the hard work you put into preparing and running the weekend course. The itinarary was free and easy going to match the weather, the participants and what we found interesting. Prior to the course I was not sure about all the post photo shoot computer work, but the easy steps and methodical approach has made me realise how important this is for maximising the potential of my shots.
Donna - your hospitality was much appreciated and once again many thanks to both of you for an enjoyable two days. I would have no hesitation in advising this as a very good course.

Ros Gasson

Thanks for a great weekend workshop, Billy - it was packed full of information, and just what I needed. It filled in many of the gaps for me. Hoping I can make it along on another course before too long!

Allan Marshall

Hi Billy, just wanted to thank you for a wonderful photography course at Loch Ard the other week. It was a pleasure to meet you and tap in to some of your expertise. You have such a relaxed and friendly teaching style that makes students feel at ease.The hospitality back at your house was fantastic as well and we could have (and very nearly did) stay all night getting great tips and hints on Lightroom & Photoshop. I would recommend this for all levels of photographers. Cheers Allan.

Debbie McAughtrie

Hi Billy, Just to thank you for the course last week up in Glencoe, shame about the weather Friday/Saturday, but Sunday was spectacular even in two foot of snow, Bert thought I had been shooting in black & white. I learned so much - you are a very patient teacher for some one learning about shooting in manual and you have inspired me to continue - just need to upgrade the camera!! I have noticed also that I see things with a 'photographers eye', what would make a good shot and how to compose it and I am doing this on the drive to work! Learning about photoshop and all its possibilities was an eye opener although at the moment still getting to grips with new Mac. Aperture or Photoshop to follow. Thanks again Debbie

Alun Jones

Thanks for all your help you made using the camera so simple to understand along with software processing. Looking forward to taking some great shots now and coming along to a future course

Malcolm Park

Hi Billy, Had a really great time on the Castles and Glens course. The first session was a very long day, but the time was truly well spent with strong locations, fantastic weather and really good advice for all aspects of photography. Chasing rainbows around muddy fields was a real bonus as well.
The second day provided a really good insight into the software packages that can be used to enhance the photographs.
I would really recommend this course to anyone wanting to develop their photography regardless of their experience.


It was my first trip to Scotland and my first SLR camera to get to grips with. I was thrilled with the idyllic locations and Billy was so knowledgeable about each area. From mountains with a winter sunrise, beach sunset, stunning still lakes, I am now gripped with a new hobby of landscape photography - thanks Billy for all of your help with camera manual settings and the Photoshop workshops.

Jarek Bajgier

Had a fabulous time in Scotland where Billy took us to some breath-taking locations. The selection of locations and time were spot-on and the workshops very informative, making you feel very comfortable using the software to enhance your pictures.
It does not matter whether you are only beginning with camera or are quite advanced, you will certainly benefit from the great tutor that Billy is. Would recommend to anyone looking to up their game and become a better photographer (I know that I’ll join the next course as soon as the time allows).

Edward McInally

Quick note to thank Billy in person for the hints and tips he taught me on my recent one day course. Learned more from Billy in the one day than I had learnt to date. Will definately attend other courses with Billy. Thanks again and will be in touch. Regards, Ed

Fraser Smart

As I was short of time and unable to do Organised Courses, Billy and Donna set up over two weekends a very effective, enjoyable and economic bespoke photography experience. Fieldwork and Photoshop is uniquely 'Open Book' and intuitively structured. Very informative but above all, STIMULATING!!! I would recommend learning from a Master and very much hope to return soon for more passion and enthusiasm. Great experience and many thanks.

Gill Hollis

I did a one-day "Digital Darkroom Techniques" course with Billy, based in the classroom. Billy's background in IT, passion for photography and proven ability to take inspirational images mean he is well-qualified to lead such courses. But he is also a very natural teacher and this is what made the course special. Through his hands-on tuition and clear notes, he conveyed both his knowledge and passion for his subject. I learnt a lot about LightRoom and Photoshop in this session, and I'd love to do a field trip with him sometime soon too. Donna's arrangements also were meticulous. Highly recommended!

Ros Robinson

I attended a weekend Castles and Glens course to gain knowledge and experience of taking landscape photographs, and to find out how to obtain professional standard images. The weekend also included tutorials in using Lightroom and Photoshop, this session was extremely useful and I was able to enhance some of the photographs I had taken the previous day. The course certainly fulfilled my expectations and I hope has enabled me to think before I shoot. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their techniques. The hospitality shown to me by Billy and Donna was exceptional, and the small number on the course meant plenty of time for hands on learning.

George Imrie

Billy, Thanks for a great day on Saturday despite the weather. I really appreciated te way you let me dictate the level of detail and structure of the day - it did mean that I managed to do all I wanted and I'm now very comfortable with the basics of Photoshop.

Allan Brisbane

Hi Billy,
Just thought I would drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed myself on your 2 day course in October. Despite the bad weather we had a great day at Castle Stalker, Kilchurn Castle and Rannoch Moor. Your enthusiasm for your work shone through all day and the gentle way you had of keeping me on the right track using the techniques you showed me led to a very enjoyable and informative day. I found that despite your modesty your methods for capturing the scenes and doing them justice to be outstanding. On the second day at your custom built classroom your well thought out and comprehensive guide and notes made picking up on your knowledge of Photoshop enjoyable and very quick. I have went from being useless with PS to being able to produce a good result in the space of a day, Amazing!. In all I will be happy to recommend your courses to all my friends in the camera club and still cannot believe what great value you offer for such a good course. I wish you every success in the future and I will certainly be booking with you again in the near future.
Thanks again

Anne McEwan

Hi Billy,
I just want to thank you for all your help at the recent Glencoe course. I feel I learned so much and have continued to learn more since I returned thanks to all the additional resource links you provided.
Your knowledge of locations was excellent as was the instruction on photography and equipment.
I would highly recommend your courses and will definitely enrol for another course next year

Kevin Grant

Thank you so much for your patience on the Trossachs workshop. I joined the course with very little camera knowledge and now feel confident using my camera in all modes. The shooting locations were fantastic, your facilities were perfect and your enthusiasm and encouragement really really helped me. Im just so excited to get out there now and put your words into practise. Thanks Billy

Micaela Tassalini

Thanks for the wonderful workshop, Billy, and for being such a generous, inspirational and caring teacher. As an absolute beginner I was surprised by how much I have learned in such a short time and how my approach to photography has been totally transformed. And I still can?t believe some of the images I took are true! The spectacular location and your passion for photography made your course a truly amazing experience.

Chris Scyner

I would just like to say thank you for a very enjoyable and informative course. I still can't believe how easy it was to go from auto to manual, it was worth it for that alone.

Harry Maguire

I just wanted to say thanks Billy for the wonderful Glencoe workshop. The locations and time of day you selected where perfect. Also the advice on; the use of my camera, composition and focal lengths are something I will try and remember (no promises though) .

Tricia Murphy

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANKS for a fantastic workshop! I was serious when I said I learned more in a couple of days than I have in the last couple of years. The new photographic techniques and wonderfully simple methods of processing using Lightroom and Photoshop are really helping all of my images, old and new. There is no doubt that my photographic skills improved significantly during the holiday, far more than I realized at the time resulting both in a higher number of keepers and good results from places I had failed to get decent shots previously. It's a pleasure to be able to say there wasn't a single thing that could have been done differently or better as every single thing met or exceeded my expectations. If you are reading this because you are thinking about going on one of Billy's workshops then I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Billy is very relaxed, knowledgeable and puts you at ease the minute he meets you. The measure of a great teacher is when you don't realise how much you are learning because you are having so much fun. I can't believe I was nervous about turning up. After completing the workshop my passion for photography has definitely been reignited, so much so, later in the week once I confirm my holidays I will be booking one of your longer holidays. Can't wait, see you soon

Violet Jack

Fantastic, I loved every part of it. What a beautiful country complimented perfectly with top class tution. See you soon
Vi x