Billy Currie Photography
Custom Courses

If you are unable to find suitable dates, prefer a different location or even a structure more suited to your individual needs then please get in touch as in most cases I am able to arrange a workshop adapted around your personal requirements, even at relatively short notice.

Custom courses are priced at £350 per day which includes bespoke one-to-one tuition tailored around your specific needs, transportation for the duration of the course and all relevant computing equipment.

As the daily fee of £350 already covers my time, you also have the option of bringing along another one or two students for no additional cost.

Custom courses often prove popular amongst friends/family who have both the advantage of splitting the cost and also tailoring tuition/locations to suit their own requirements.

I usually cover locations over the whole of Scotland and Northern England but I’m happy to run workshops further a field as long as I have sufficient time to prepare the course.

So whether it's a holiday, course or workshop, landscape or nature, a one day lesson or seven days tuition, Scotland, England or UK wide, just drop me a mail or give me a call and I’m sure we can sort something out.

Some of the areas I specialise in :-
        • Camera Controls
              raw files, manual settings, exposure, focus, histogram, etc
        • Composition
              rule of thirds, depth of field, hyperfocal distances, etc
        • Various Styles
              Landscape, B&W, Minimalist, Low Light, Macro, Infrared, etc
        • Adobe Lightroom
              uploading, organising, comparing, cropping, raw editing, etc
        • Adobe Photoshop
              basic to advance editing in both colour and black/white
        • Miscellaneous
              selling images, backups, sensor cleaning, online resources,
              printing, equipment purchases, mounting/framing, etc