Billy Currie Photography
Courses Overview

To ensure the best possible experience for students, all courses are limited to a maximum of three unless otherwise agreed. Small groups allow me to maximise my teaching time, thus further enhancing the learning experience.

Accommodation can either be a hotel or holiday cottage/house depending on duration and availability.

On many of the longer courses or holidays, non-participating partners can usually be accommodated for a small additional charge to cover double room, etc.

Below is a summary of photography holidays, courses and workshops currently available. It is organised by course duration but you can also view the courses by date order on the courses 2020 and courses 2021 pages

----------- 1 Day Courses --------------------------------------------------------------------

        Glencoe Landscape Photography (1 day)
              Looking for some photography only, this day is spent shooting some
              of Scotland's most beautiful landscape scenery and involves no post
              processing workshop.
              Jan 2020 ...details (completed)
              Jul 2020 ...details (full)

        Introduction to Landscape Photography and Photoshop (1 day)
              A One day taster split between photography tuition on location and
              a post processing workshop in the classroom.
              Jan 2020 ...details (completed)
              Jul 2020 ...details (full)

----------- 2 Day Courses --------------------------------------------------------------------

        Glencoe Photography & Post Processing (2 days)
              Day one will be spent purely on location at some of Scotland's most
              beautiful sights whilst day two will be a post processing workshop in
              the classroom working on the previous days images.
              Mar 2020 ...details (completed)

        Long Exposure Photography & Post Processing (2 days)
              A course focused specifically on the art of long exposure photography.
              Day one will be spent around some of Central Scotland's best long
              exposure locations whilst day two will be a classroom based post
              processing workshop getting the most out of our previous days
              May 2020 ...details (full)

----------- 3 Day Courses --------------------------------------------------------------------

        Architecture Photography & Post Processing (3 days)
              Three day workshop consisting of one day architecture photography
              followed by two days of professional post processing tuition.
              Apr 2020 ...details (completed)

        Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom (3 days)
              Three day workshop getting to grips with basic to advanced quality
              post processing in the modern Digital Darkroom
              Feb 2020 ...details (completed)
              May 2020 ...details (full)
              Nov 2020 ...details (limited availability)

        Architecture Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom (3 days)
              Three day workshop covering basic to advanced post processing
              skills aimed more towards architecture style photography
              Sep 2020 ...details

----------- Longer Courses --------------------------------------------------------------------

              As some of you may be aware I have recently reduced my longer
              courses in favour of shorter non residential workshops.
              Regardless of ability I'm not convinced students require tuition
              for more than a couple days and by removing the additional
              accommodation expense, I can offer a similar amount of training
              at a significantly reduced cost.

              If you are however looking for an instructor led holiday
              photographing a specific location there are plenty of other
              people offer this. But If your looking to learn serious
              photography/editing skills which in turn allow you to take quality
              images on all your own future holidays, this is what I offer.

              Even though we continue to visit beautiful locations, my
              workshops are heavily weighted towards teaching rather than
              simply tour guiding.