Billy Currie Photography
Courses 2020

To ensure the best possible experience for students, all courses are limited to a maximum of three unless otherwise agreed. Small groups allow me to maximise my teaching time, thus further enhancing the learning experience.

On many of the longer holidays, non-participating partners can usually be accommodated for a small additional charge to cover meals, double room, etc.

Below is a summary of landscape photography holidays, courses and workshops currently available in Scotland and Northern England. It is organised by date order but you can also view the courses ordered by duration on the course overview page

----------- January 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Glencoe Landscape Photography (completed)

          Sat 18th January (1 day) ... details

----------- February 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom (completed)

          Sat 8th - Mon 10th February (3 days) ... details

----------- March 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Glencoe Photography & Post Processing (completed)

          Sat 7th - Sun 8th March (2 days) ... details

----------- April 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Architecture Photography & Post Processing (completed)

          Sat 4th - Mon 6th April (3 days) ... details

----------- May 2020-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Long Exposure Photography & Post Processing (full)

          Sat 2nd - 3rd May (2 days) ... details

Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom (full)

          Fri 29th - Sun 31th May (3 days) ... details

----------- July 2020 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Glencoe Landscape Photography (full)

          Sat 4th July (1 day) ... details

----------- September 2020 --------------------------------------------------------------------

Architecture Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom

          Fri 4th - Sun 6th September (3 days) ... details

----------- November 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Post Processing in the Digital Darkroom (limited availability)

          Fri 6th - Sun 8th November (3 days) ... details