Billy Currie Photography

Billy Currie
Born in a small mining village in Ayrshire, I later relocated to Central Scotland to pursue a career in IT and currently live in Stirlingshire with my wife and son.

Having had an interest in landscape photography for some time it was the DSLR age that turned my interest into an obsession, my computing background combined with digital technology has resulted in far less restrictions and much more creative freedom for me as a photographer.

Already having an extensive knowledge of computers, photography and my camera, I completed an advanced Photoshop course a couple of years ago and have continued my education of this vast product ever since as I believe these skills are crucial to a digital photographer.

To date, many of my images have proven popular not just in Scotland but also in many other countries around the world, here are some of my highlights so far :-
        • Success as both winner and finalist in various national and international
           photography competitions. One of the most recent being the overall
           winner of the 2014 EISA International Photography Competition
        • Numerous images featured in both weekly and monthly magazines.
        • Regular sales within the UK, USA and various other countries.
        • Over 650 images currently licensed and sold by Getty Images.
        • Some of my clients to date:
                                    National Geographic
                                    National newspapers including The Times
                                    TV channels including the BBC
                                    Coln & Wolfe, New York
                                    Mather Communications
                                    Atlantic Books
                                    Pacific Magazines
                                    Flash Press Media
                                    Procolor PTE
                                    Topps Europe
                                    Xpress Print
                                    IPC Media
                                    Flametree Publishing
                                    Chartered Society of Physiothe
                                    Baillie Gifford & Co

Some of the areas I specialise in :-
        • Camera Controls
              raw files, manual settings, exposure, focus, histogram, etc
        • Composition
              rule of thirds, depth of field, hyperfocal distances, etc
        • Various Styles
              Landscape, B&W, Minimalist, Low Light, Macro, Infrared, etc
        • Adobe Lightroom
              uploading, organising, comparing, cropping, raw editing, etc
        • Adobe Photoshop
              basic to advance editing in both colour and black/white
        • Miscellaneous
              selling images, backups, sensor cleaning, online resources,
              printing, equipment purchases, mounting/framing, etc